Sewer, Septic & Cesspool Considerations On Kauai

Sewer, Septic & Cesspool Considerations On Kauai

Cesspools and septic systems.  Wow, what a fun subject, right? On the island of Kauai we have a lot of these. However, there are a few neighborhoods connected to county sewer, they are Wailua, Lihue, Ele’ele and Waimea.  Apart from that, there are some other limited sewer services on the island, but many have cesspools and septic systems nonetheless.  What does it matter?  Well…read on below.

It may seem like a small thing, because cesspools are so common on the island and most everyone knows that unless exempted, all cesspools must be upgraded to a septic system by 2050.  But there are other considerations.

To pull a new building permit for an ADU or adding additional rooms onto an existing structure, you may need to upgrade to a septic system.  Not just you, but your neighbor who occupies an adjacent CPR unit and with whom you share a  cesspool.  Factor in the cesspool related upgrade cost and complexities when considering the value of a property.  

Some properties on small lots or on steep inclines may have difficulty converting to a septic system.  Properties close to shore may have shoreline management zone requirements to meet.  Special circumstances are common.  Properties with cesspools that may impact ground water are particularly targeted for conversion to septic. 

It is always a bonus to identify a property that is serviced by one of the county’s sewer systems so that cesspool to septic system conversion related concerns can be set aside.  The home may be more valuable if there is already a septic system or sewer connection in place.

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