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Kauai Real Estate Guide

Find your perfect Kauai home

Mayu and Craig have teamed up with Kauai Realty, Inc.  Get the best property deals on the island by checking out our list of the top neighborhoods in the region. If you have particular real estate questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Homes for Sale
We give you a list of all the active listings on each featured neighborhood.
Market Statistics
Real Estate Market Information for you to easily compare the different communtiies in Kauai.
Neighborhood Highlights
Notable area highlights that home buyers should know about their potential new home.
Area Recommendations
Personal pros and cons section from locals familiar with the island.
Mayu Tomizawa - Kauai real estate expert
Your Kauai REALTOR®

Aloha! I'm Mayu Tomizawa

My vision is to be the most reliable guide to real estate transaction on Kauai.  Timeliness and detailedness are character traits of mine naturally.  Competitive but honest is the position I choose to take during my dealings.

My passions include Hula and swimming, I enjoy Kauai’s warm weather and prefer the dry climate of the Westside.  Originally from Japan, I also enjoy cooking Japanese food, and sharing with my local friends and colleagues, while trying their renditions of traditional Japanese food.

Craig and I have been married for nearly 20 years, and we are raising three children on Kauai.

Your Kauai REALTOR®

Aloha! I'm Craig Hudson

As a licensed real estate salesperson and a Realtor in the state of Hawaii, my task is to connect buyers and sellers of real estate and to guide my clients through the transaction in a professional manner. Mayu and I focus on the island of Kauai, with an emphasis on several specific areas of the island, and several condominium resorts of our choice.

My passions are surfing and hiking, I also enjoy the ongoing practice of Kajukenbo.  My wife Mayu and I occasionally hike together with our kids, and we enjoy visiting the various beaches.  Mayu’s cooking is my favorite on the island. 

We’ve spent the last 12 years on Kauai, and prior to that 3 years on Oahu.  I lived on Oahu off and on since I was 15 and that led to about 6 years in Japan.  We met in Japan and spent time together snowboarding on weekends, and enjoying Izu in the summer months.  I was published a few times in Japanese snowboarding magazines, including a descent of Tsurugidake. 

Prior to my work as a realtor, I spent 18 years in the semiconductor ATE segment, living in the Bay Area for a about 4 of those years years, the last 14 years working between Asia and the U.S. from my home office in Hawaii.

Craig Hudson - Kauai real estate expert
The Process

Finding your Kauai Home

Let’s find your new home in Kauai Island, Hawaii.

Explore Kauai
We've compiled a list of the top neighborhoods in Kauai you can review at your convenience. Feel free to check out our neighborhoods page for more information.
Get in Touch
If you have questions about a particular property or community in Kauai, please feel free to send us a message or give us a call. We'll be glad to help you with any of your real estate needs.
Tour the Area and Homes for Sale
Once you've found something you like or would like to get a recommendation, we can schedule a home visit or neighborhood tour at your convenience and check out homes that best suit your needs and budget.
Lock the deal, Get your Home
From start to finish, our team will help you throughout the real estate process. From checking out available properties for sale, doing the necessary assessments, and finalizing the paperwork.
Our Reviews

See what people are saying about us

We value the business that our customers provide and we take pride in the quality of our work. We’ve compiled a list of testimonials given to us by some of our most recent clients that you can review at your convenience.

Notable properties

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Kauai Real Estate Tips & Insights

Kauai Real Estate
Craig Hudson

Flood Insurance Needed?

Before purchasing a property with “ADU potential” or “ARU potential”, as often represented by seller’s or their agents, consider the parking.

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ADU, ARU & Parking

Before purchasing a property with “ADU potential” or “ARU potential”, as often represented by seller’s or their agents, consider the parking.

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K1 vs. K2

In Hawaii it is customary that the Seller pays for the survey.  Do you know the difference between K1 “Staking (Boundary Points)” and the K2

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Many of you may be veterans to home ownership.  Others, perhaps not.  But let us mention three simple items that may be overlooked when shopping

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Sewer, Septic & Cesspool

Cesspools and septic systems.  Wow, what a fun subject, right? On the island of Kauai we have a lot of these. However, there are a few

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Kauai Living
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Remote Living & Working

Kauai offers a great opportunity to work remotely. Situated between Asia and the West Coast of the continental U.S. with direct flights to the mainland

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Kauai Real Estate
Craig H

Welcome to Kauai Realty

Mayu and Craig have teamed up to offer you the best real estate transaction guidance on the island of Kauai.  Our real estate services are

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