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Mayu and Craig have teamed up with Kauai Realty, Inc.  Get the best property deals on the island by checking out our list of the top neighborhoods on the island.  If you have particular real estate questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

If you are selling, or buying, we will professionally guide you through the transaction process, working in your best interest.  We have time for you.

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Real Estate Market Information for you to easily compare the different communtiies in Kauai.
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Notable area highlights that home buyers should know about their potential new home.
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Personal pros and cons section from locals familiar with the island.
Mayu Tomizawa - Kauai real estate expert
Your Kauai REALTOR®

Aloha, I'm Mayu Tomizawa

My vision is to be the most reliable guide to successful real estate transaction on Kauai.  Timeliness and detailedness are character traits of mine naturally.  Competitive but honest is the position I choose to take during my dealings.

My passions include the study and practice of Hula and swimming in the ocean.  I enjoy Kauai’s warm weather and various microclimates.

Originally from Japan, I also enjoy cooking Japanese food, and sharing the dishes and recipes with friends and colleagues, while also enjoying their renditions of traditional Japanese food.

The Process

Kauai Condo & Home Transaction

Overview of selling or buying on Kauai.

Seller's need to price appropriately to the market, to invite the highest offers in the shortest period of time.

Buyers need to find the best house within their budget, in the most appropriate neighborhood, and to validate the condition of the property.
Seller's need data to determine the selling price, and also a state-of-the-art marketing strategy.

Buyer's also need to have data to know what the market demands in terms of price and purchase conditions.
Consumer protection laws always work in favor of the buyer, so the Realtor's standard purchase agreement is generally written to protect the buyer. This is a good reason to work with a Realtor.

What is often overlooked, is that the same standard purchase agreement is designed to also help protect the seller from liability. A 'clean' transaction is what is desired, with both parties knowing the property appropriately.

Choose a Realtor agent for your side and enter into an agreement using the standard form approved by the Hawaii Association of Realtors.
Sellers and buyers are satisfied when the buyer has cleared all contingencies, including inspections and financing.

The schedule along the way is negotiated not only with the buyer and seller, but also with third parties including appraisers, surveyors, inspectors and others. This can be very time consuming and cumbersome on Kauai, with some third party vendors limited in number and unable to be flexible with scheduling. Do you need to extend the schedule for closing because of this? Your agent should be helping to align the activities.

When all align in a timely manner, the transaction process is concluded for the benefit of both sellers and buyers.
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